Noticing is a Skill!

The first step towards learning anything new is to take notice.

The first step towards learning anything new - whether it’s cognitive, psychological or environmental - is to take notice.

Noticing how we feel can help us to make more conscious life choices, which can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Noticing the patterns and elements of the natural world can instil an ambition to preserve our environment.

Noticing others, and taking their feelings into account, can lead to a passion for social justice and a respect for different cultures and ethnicities.

Taking notice is a simple action, but it lays the groundwork for curiosity and learning.


But how do we begin building our ‘noticing’ skills?

Practice, practice, practice. 
Through well-designed activities that focus on fundamental subjects, such as ‘loving ourselves’, ‘loving our planet’ and ‘loving others’, we can help children develop a strong relationship with their inner selves. This, in turn, will nourish their mind-body connection and supply them with the right tools to support healthy growth.
In our Activity Hub, you’ll find ideas and suggestions on how to strengthen children’s "noticing" skills. Whilst our activities reference the classic academic skills, such as literacy and maths, they primarily centre around 6 key pillars that we believe are pivotal for children in their early years: Mind, Body, Fun, People, Life and Planet. Click here to learn more about what each of these means.
We hope that these activities help you connect deeper with your little one, that they spark interesting conversations, and provide an opportunity to practice the essential skill of noticing
Psychologist and Content Manager @MEteam

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